Pantomime at Scuola Teatro Dimitri Verscio

Location: Scuola Teatro Dimitri Verscio

Teacher: Clown Orid

Day 1

  1. Stay like upright, open, closed
  2. Pantomime

    Walk around, jump, turn, fast, slow

  3. Dialogue, create a story – up to 13 persons
  4. Mirror
  5. Personas: kids, teen, women, men, old

Day 2

  1. Body feeling – head, shoulders, neck, breast, lumbar
  2. Playing ball, passing, food-ball, tennis, volley-ball
  3. Passing objects, to cord, bloowing ballons
  4. Doors open, closing
  5. Sentiments – joy, sadness, anger, in love

Day 3

  1. Body training
  2. Hands work
  3. Pull & push the rope and a weight
  4. Feel and hand the wall, the table
  5. Situations: barbacue, fixing PC, cleaning the garage

Day 4

  1. Body training: cat’s walk
  2. Pull & push the rope and a weight
  3. Faces (see Marcel Marceau Sketch)
  4. Situations & feelings: cooking a pie stressed or relaxed, mounting a fence
  5. Creating situations in a park


  1. Tired mountain walker sees a lake
  2. He loves to jump in and refresh
  3. But the water is so cold…
  4. No, the man is strong. He does not care and jumps in
  5. Relaxed, refreshed and stronger than ever

Day 5

  1. Body training:
    a) Head left, right, up, down, turn l, turn r, vorward, backward
    b) Shoulders up, down, turn r, l, toghether, circles
    c) Breast out, in
    d) Lumbar vorwards, backwards, turns normal, big, small
    e) Legs front, turn, back, turn, balance, high
  2. Fight
  3. Homeworks
Pantomime Teacher Orid
Pantomime Teacher Orid
Pantomime Teacher Orid and Vito
Pantomime Teacher Orid and Vito